Where is the God located?

Where is the God located?


Where is the God Located? This question is not a question for atheist. Because they believe that there is no entity like God so where is the question of location of this God? Theist has many answer of this question. I am not going in details of what different scriptures of various religions say about it. Many a times on analysis we find answers are so contradicting that theist people think that atheist are much better because they are not confused about this. The situation of a theist person becomes worse when he/she is going through the trouble time in life and looking for help and he is not able to locate the god for the help. With the grace of my gurus whatever I understood about this topic I am trying to analyze this from the stand point of Bhagwat Geeta.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 1

मामुपेत्य पुनर्जन्म दुःखालयमशाश्वतम्‌ | नाप्नुवन्ति महात्मानः संसिद्धिं परमां गताः ॥ Bg8-15

Pad Vibhaag: माम उपेत्य=After attaining, पुनर्जन्म =Rebirth,अशाश्वतम्‌=temporary |

न आप्नुवन्ति=attains, महात्मानः=great people, संसिद्धिं=perfection, परमां=ultimate, गताः = achieved ॥ Bg8-15

Word to word meaning: After attaining me great people achieved ultimate perfection and never takes rebirth.

Analysis: This is the place which is where no birth and death takes place. But from our experience we know that there is no place in the cosmos where there is not birth, growth, decay and death. It means this place is not situated in the physical space. But is there any other place other than physical space. Everything rests in the physical space, what is that in which physical space rests? What is the container of the space? Dwell and think about this kind of space, answer cannot be visualized by your physical senses. This is Chidakash.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 2

आब्रह्मभुवनाल्लोकाः पुनरावर्तिनोऽर्जुन | मामुपेत्य तु कौन्तेय पुनर्जन्म न विद्यते ॥ Bg8-16

Pad Vibhaag: आब्रह्मभुवनत् = Upto Brahmaloka, लोकाः = All the loka (planets), पुनः=again आवर्तिनः = returns/repeat अर्जुन |

माम=Me उपेत्य=Arriving तु=but कौन्तेय=Arjuna पुनर्जन्म=Rebirth न=Not विद्यते=Happens ॥ Bg8-16

Word to word meaning: From the highest loka to lowest loka wherever one goes he comes back (life-death cycle persists). But after arriving to me there is no rebirth.

Analysis: In all the perceivable world around us life-death is permanent. But in my world there is not birth and death. This is Chidakash.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 3

अव्यक्तोऽक्षर इत्युक्तस्तमाहुः परमां गतिम्‌ | यं प्राप्य न निवर्तन्ते तद्धाम परमं मम ॥ Bg8-21

Pad Vibhaag: अव्यक्तः= Unmanifested अक्षरः=infallable इति=thus उक्तः = is said, तम्=that आहुः=is known परमां=the ultimate गतिम्‌=destination |

यं=which, प्राप्य=attaining/gaining न=not निवर्तन्ते = come back, तद्धाम= that abode परमं= supreme, मम=my ॥ Bg8-21

Word to word meaning: That which is described as unmanifested, infallible and ultimate destination; attaining which a jiva never comes back; is my absolute abode.

Analysis: Physical space can contract and expend, it takes birth and desolves. That place from where jiva does not come back. This is Chidakash.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 4

मया ततमिदं सर्वं जगदव्यक्तमूर्तिना | मत्स्थानि सर्वभूतानि न चाहं तेष्ववस्थितः ॥ Bg9-4

Pad Vibhaag: मया = by me ततम्=pervaded इदं=this सर्वं=all जगत्=world अव्यक्तमूर्तिना=By unmanifested form |

मत्स्थानि= rests in me, सर्वभूतानि=all living entities न=not च=also अहं=I तेषु= in them अवस्थितः=situated ॥ Bg9-4

Word to word meaning: In unmanifested form all the worlds are pervaded by me. They (including all living entities) rests in me. Not that I rest in them.

Analysis: Every living entity lives in the physical space. When when physical space dissolves then physical existences of all the living entities also dissolves. In that unmanfested form complete dissolved physical space and physical entities rests in me. I do not rest in them. In mean there is container of this physical space. This is chidakash.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 5

न च मत्स्थानि भूतानि पश्य मे योगमैश्वरम्‌ | भूतभृन्न च भूतस्थो ममात्मा भूतभावनः ॥ Bg9-5

Pad Vibhaag: न=not च=also मत् स्थानि = situated in me, भूतानि=all creation पश्य=must see मे=my योगम् ऐश्वरम्‌=mystic power of my yoga |

भूतभृत्=maintainer of all living being, न=not च=also भूतस्थः=in the cosmic manifestation, ममात्मा=my atma भूतभावनः=the source of all manifestations ॥ Bg9-5

Word to word meaning: I am maintainer of all living being but I am not part of this cosmic manifestation. My atma is the source of all the manifestations. See my mystic power of yoga that all the creation is not situated in me.

Analysis: I am not part of this cosmic manifestation but I am the whole. World is my part and I maintain this. I am the source of all the physical manifestations. This is my maya Shakti that I created this world, I rest in the world but I am not part of this but whole of this. So the space which I live in not physical space. This is Chidakash.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 6

यथाकाशस्थितो नित्यं वायुः सर्वत्रगो महान्‌ | तथा सर्वाणि भूतानि मत्स्थानीत्युपधारय ॥ Bg9-6

Pad Vibhaag: यथा=like आकाशस्थितः=situated in the sky, नित्यं=always वायुः=air सर्वत्र=all places गः=go महान्‌=great |

तथा=that way सर्वाणि=in all the, भूतानि=living being मत् स्थानि=situated in me इति=thus उपधारय=to understand ॥ Bg9-6

Word to word meaning: Like air situated in the spaces goes all the places. That way I am situated in all the living being. You can understand like this.

Analysis: It is extremely difficult for any normal human to visualize anything beyond time and space. Because from their birth to death they see everything, register everything in their mind with the time and space. You cannot recall anything in your mind which is timeless and space-less. So to help Arjuna, Lord Krishna is giving one analogy. Do not extend this example to much but take as an example to understand the subtlety of topic. Lord says like air exists in all the places around your space and it goes from one place to another. Similarly I exists in all the living being and goes out from one jiva to another jiva. So in the physical space it looks I am moving from one place to another place. However, this physical space also rests in me so my going and coming is illusion like sun’s rise and set.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 7

अहमात्मा गुडाकेश सर्वभूताशयस्थितः | अहमादिश्च मध्यं च भूतानामन्त एव च || 10-20||

Pad Vibhaag: अहमात्मा=I atma, गुडाकेश=Arjuna सर्वभूत=All living being, आशयस्थितः=resides in heart |

अहम्=I आदिः=beginning च=also मध्यं=middle, च=also भूतानाम्=among living being अन्तः=end एव=certainly च=also || 10-20||

Word to word meaning: O Arjuna, I (as atma) resides in the heart of all living being. I am also certainly beginning, middle and end of all the living being.

Analysis: I resides in the heart of all being. Heart is physical entity in the physical living being. So I non-physical being resides in the physical (but this is an illusion). I existed even when living being was not having physical body and physical heart. I existed before, during, after the life of living being.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 8

पश्यामि त्वां सर्वतोऽनन्तरूपम्‌ | नान्तं न मध्यं न पुनस्तवादिं
पश्यामि विश्वेश्वर विश्वरूप ॥ Bg11-16

Pad Vibhaag: अनेकबाहु=Many hands उदर=stomach वक्त्र=mouth नेत्रं=eyes पश्यामि=I see त्वां=you सर्वतः=all the directions अनन्तरूपम्‌= infinite forms |

न=Not अन्तं=end न=not मध्यं=middle न=not पुनः=again तव=yours आदिं=beginning पश्यामि=I see विश्वेश्वर=Lord of the the world विश्वरूप=in the world form ॥ Bg11-16

Word to word meaning: Arjuna says, I see many hands, stomach, mouth, eyes of yours in all the directions in infinite forms. I see there is no end, middle and start of the lord of the word in this world form.

Analysis: Collectively all the hands, stomach, mouth, eyes in all the lives in all the direction of the world are Lord’s hands, stomach, mouth and eyes. So in the manifested form lord has hands, stomach, mouth and eyes but s/he does not have separate big hand, big stomach, big mouth and big eyes but collection of all the eyes are his eye. Collection of all the mouths is his mouth. Collection of all hands are his hands, collection of all stomachs is his stomach. This is a visualization of the manifested form of the god. This sloka also tells that in the manifested form all the living being are interrelated to each other. But that collective being of all the living being is me and I do not reside in physical space.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 9

अनादिमध्यान्तमनन्तवीर्य-मनन्तबाहुं शशिसूर्यनेत्रम्‌ | पश्यामि त्वां दीप्तहुताशवक्त्रं
स्वतेजसा विश्वमिदं तपन्तम्‌ ॥ Bg11-19

Pad Vibhaag: अनादि=Beginningless मध्य=middle अन्तम्=end अनन्तवीर्यम्=infinite glory अनन्तबाहुं = infinite hands शशि=moons सूर्य=sun नेत्रम्‌=eyes | पश्यामि=I see त्वां=you दीप्त=lighting हुताशवक्त्रं= fire coming from your mouth स्वतेजसा=self-illumined विश्वम्=world इदं=this तपन्तम्‌=heating ॥ Bg11-19

Word to word meaning: Arjuna says, you are beginning-less, middle-less, endless with infinite hands and sun, moon as your eyes. I see the fire coming from your mouth and burning/heating this world on its own.

Analysis: It is visualization that the Lord is desolver of everything in the space in to him. But the dissolver must be resting outside of the physical space.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 10

न तद्भासयते सूर्यो न शशाङ्को न पावकः | यद्गत्वा न निवर्तन्ते तद्धाम परमं मम ॥ Bg15-6

Pad Vibhaag: न=not तत्=that भासयते=get illumined सूर्यः=sun न=not शशाङ्कः=moon न=not पावकः=fire |

यत्=where गत्वा=after going न=not निवर्तन्ते=never come back तत्=that धाम=abode, परमं=ultimate मम=my ॥ Bg15-6

Word to word meaning: That place which is not illumined by sun, moon or fire; after reaching where jiva does not come back is my abode.

Analysis: Lord says, sun, moon and heat lightens only the physical space. Because my space is not physical so it cannot be illumined by sun, moon and heat. My space is non-physical.

Bhagwat Geeta: Sloka 11

ईश्वरः सर्वभूतानां हृद्देशेऽर्जुन तिष्ठति | भ्रामयन्सर्वभूतानि यन्त्रारूढानि मायया ॥ Bg18-61

Pad Vibhaag: ईश्वरः=the supreme सर्वभूतानां=of all living हृत् देशे=in the location of heart अर्जुन=Arjuna तिष्ठति= sitting |

भ्रामयन्=causing to travel सर्वभूतानि=in all living being यन्त्रा=machine आरूढानि=situated मायया=by maya ॥ Bg18-61

Word to word meaning: O Arjuna, the supreme lord is situated in the heart of all the being, by maya it is riding on the body machine and it causes to travel to all living being.

Analysis: Again like 9:6 Lord is trying to help Arjuna to understand through an analogy of machine and user/rider on the machine. I drive the body like machine is derived by a driver. The driver is different from car. All the physical entities in the physical space are used by me like driver uses a car for driving. But when I am using physical bodies I still live in non-physical space and control the movements of physical space.

Now reading all this do not try to visualize chidakash or space where god exists. Because whatever you will visualize will be only physical space. So you can never truly visualize the Lord’s abode. Because it is not anywhere in the space and time but beyond the space and time where your sense can never go but with mind and intellect when you try to cross all the physical experiences and try to experience your existence beyond your physical existence then you can go to the space where god reside.

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