What is the Purpose of Education?

Purpose of Education

Purpose of Education

What is the Purpose of Education?

Purpose of education is acquiring more and more matter in life, giving ourselves more sensual pleasure, learning how to be over smart and be ahead in the competition and survive longest? You may have ponder over this and have your thoughts over this. Here through an incident I am trying put the purpose of life in this note.

One day at my home i got up very early morning. There was pitch dark in all the rooms. Except one LED light on a charger, fitted on wall electricity plug, was on. What I observed after seeing this was eye opener for me. I saw that all corners of house wherever there was smooth surface or mirror or water drops I could see the reflection of LED light. Even at those heights or corners where I was thinking it would not be there; I found that reflection was present in those heights and corners. I observed that wherever surface was clean reflection was very bright almost like another light source there. In fact it looks so bright and real that when I look opposite mirrors I was duped that source is backside of me, although it was at completely different location. Wherever surface was not very clean reflection was dull. Then I realised that this whole room can illumined only from this small light if the surfaces of this whole room are clean. This illumination was not possible because of roughness, dust, uncleanliness and other coloured stuff on most of the surface area of house.

This all is natural phenomena, we all know about it. Nothing new! From the eyes of scientist light travels in straight line, light travels 300 K Km/sec, light reflects at smooth surface, reflection and refraction are qualities of light. In last 200 year’s scientific development, innovation, technology and internet we have become highly knowledgeable than any known civilisation before. So what is new here which I do not know?

Till the time child is revealed about this scientific facts he gets amazed on all these kind of phenomena in the nature; once he knows it he stop paying attention and enjoying the beauty. Sometimes it looks that by giving more facts on plate to our children we are developing their left brain and killing their right brain. Because after doing this; simple answer for child is “this is scientific, I know it”.

In this process of evolution of man; a child becomes young; young becomes employee or employer, father, mother, old man/women and then dies. More aged we become more knowledge we have, probably we also understand more and naturally this leads to killing of our excitement! We do not get amazed on anything because by the time we are old either we pretend or we really have seen almost all the world, all type of people, all miracles of the nature so we say “I know it”

Education is not about knowing. It start with knowing. We do not go to school or college to know about more fact and then pass the exam with 100% and being declared that this person is topper of the class or university knows all. Education is about learning to live a better life. Most of us think that by getting highest mark, we will get the best job and this lead to better life and they miss the whole purpose of education.

This is true that without knowing one cannot realize, without knowing one live foolishly. But this is also true that most of the people after knowing live foolishly and they do not realize! We need to put hard efforts for realization. Knowing is not realization! Realization brings joy, ecstasy, excitement, enthusiasm, vibrancy and colour to personality and life. “Only knowing” brings ego, my-ness, separateness from others, burden of work (because I only know it), unwanted fear, boredom (that there is nothing to be known). Therefore after knowing, the science of natural phenomena or any thing in the class of nature, do not sideline it but enjoy that knowledge in realization.

So as a student of nature I have drawn following conclusion from above incident.

  • God is like light. Mind is like surface. Reflection is like life of living being.
  • We as living being are not more than the reflection of God. More clean and calm is mind more it reflects god’s thought and more we live godly life.
  • Reflection does not have independent existence from the god so we also do not exists separate from the god.
  • Knowledge is burden on us if it stops our joy and stops looking things around us
  • Living in ignorance that knowledge brings happiness is big foolishness. Because until that knowledge is not contemplated and it does not give you excitement it is still useless knowledge.

When chirping of birds, rise of sun, fall of ball, flow of river, flow of air, different color and patterns in cloud, different shape of plant and lives, different thoughts of people gives us excitement and everyday we look for some new excitement then we start living the purpose of education.

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