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Agile & Scrum

Agile & Scrum


    • Why Agile?
    • Traditional v/s Agile Software Development
    • Agile Values and Principles
    • Key Benefits
    • Scrum Overview
    • Essence of Scrum
    • Scrum values
    • The key roles within SCRUM( Scrum Master, Product Owner , Agile Project Manager and Team)
    • The key artifacts within SCRUM
    • Sprint Meetings
      • Understanding daily scrums
      • Understanding sprint review meetings
    • Estimation in Scrum
      • User stories and story points
      • Velocity? How to Compute Velocity
      • Planning poker for Product Back log size estimation
      • Estimation using Story Points
    • Release Planning
      • Estimation of Product back Log Size
      • Estimating number of sprints
      • Deciding Release date
      • Creating Release Burn down
    • Sprint Planning
      • Identifying Sprints Backlog Tasks from User stories
      • Creating Sprint Backlog
      • Creating and Updating Sprint Burn down
    • Tracking in scrum
      • Tracking releases, sprints
      • Accumulating Burn down
      • Measure sprint effectiveness


  • Velocity calculation
  • Planning Poker
  • Sprint Planning
  • Story Writing