Science & Technology Blessings or Curse?

Science & Technology Blessings or Curse?

Based on the feedback of progress of last 2 centuries, should science & technology should stop searching for matter & making life more luxurious?

In the last two centuries, huge momentum can be seen in the field of material sciences. Inventions like electricity, telephone, computer, internet, automobiles, air conditioners, airplanes, mobile, mass production assembly line machines, high-rise constructions etc. are the blessings of science, innovation, and technology.

In fact, man is such a fool that he creates the problem for himself and then solves it and then says that his fellow has done a great job by solving a great problem of human society. Other people become busy in giving many types of Ratna, Vibhushana, Noble prize or what not. Truly businessman is not interested in solving problems permanently, a doctor is not interested in removing disease permanently, policemen is not interested that society should live in peace and order, etc. Why? Everything has turned into a market, why a vendor would like to kill the market. Science & technology is funded by the business they are solving business problems, not the human miseries.

Observe this carefully and find the actual effect of all these on human life.

  • Population explosion
  • Exploiting Mother Nature mercilessly (petroleum, coal, other minerals)
  • Cutting plants for our napkin, furniture, house etc and creating cement structure at the place of tree
  • Turning rivers in dirty canals
  • Producing multi-billion dollar companies who controls 80% wealth of the earth
  • Producing rich countries who controls 80% wealth of the earth
  • What technology or innovation is this, which decides that a person who is growing food for you in fields does not deserve food of two-times and has to suicide and people in rich families or hotels has to throw away 10 times than they eat
  • What technology or innovation is this, which does not grant a house to a building-labour even after his whole lifetime efforts. But people who are sitting in AC, moving in AC cars, doing stock trading, sitting in AC rooms, enjoying music and doing the so-called high-level technology and innovating work they have lots of money in their bank account and lot many houses.
  • Why England is so much rich and has powerful currency and India, full of natural resource good four seasons and many rivers have 66% of its population as extremely poor.
  • People of rich wasting their money in reducing their fat eating drugs and poor people are dying in absence of food or good food
  • Villages are getting poorer day by day and cities are becoming┬ácenter of corruption, unsafe
  • You want to buy pure oil, ghee, organic vegetables, organic grain, pure milk and you will not get it god knows what is being mixed in what.
  • House in cities are unaffordable, people have to pay huge money to live in a chaotic life of metro. Then those have to earn huge money, for that purpose they have to take a huge loan, then more work, then more pressure, then more tension, then more diseases, then more doctors & drug companies, then insurance companies and this way infinite chain of so-called business models.

Observe closely the dependency of businesses on each other, human problems & blessing of science and technology to human civilization and you may conclude that all this is bull sit.

Ask 4+ billion people of this earth out of 7 billion that what technology has given them. Science and technology has not contributed anything much for them it has helped in doing unsystematic growth, increase greed of people, empowering people to go globally and exploiting local resources in the name of a big market without feeling shame and returning to society from where they are earning.

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