Relationship between God and Man

Relationship between God and Man

I think typical relationship between Man & God could be like between the earth & the sun. Earth cannot survive without the sun but the sun does not interfere in any of the activities of the earth. The sun, by its own nature is constant, is there always, is fixed, radiating almost same amount of energy every moment, without bothering that how much of the light or heat radiation emitted by it will reach to earth or used by earth.

Life on earth is surviving because of earth’s environment. Environment on earth is existing because of its own rotation on its own axis, rotation around sun, distance from sun, gravitational force between earth and sun, diameter, density and materials available on the sun. But gravity, diameter, density is manifestation of earth’s rotation and distance. Life on earth is manifestation of gravity, diameter, density. If some day there is flood, high tide, rain, or cloudy on some particular part of earth that is not because of sun, it is because of earth’s own position in space and time with respect to sun and accumulation of past results of the earth. Sun is always there, whether earth is there or not, it does not matter to him.

Manifestation of one thing to other happens as per the law. For example gravity of 9.8 m/sec square on earth manifested because of density (mass & radius) of earth. Formation of certain type of elements (carbon, silicon) and molecules (water, oxygen) happens because of gravity of earth, temperature here.

So there are three things which are related to the life on earth. Earth, Sun & the law of manifestation. The law is so much power and subtle at the same time that NO other thing is possible in the universe in any other time if same conditions were produced. Law of manifestation produces results without thinking about the consequence, without thinking who other parties involved and their powers. From producing huge quantity of carbon and silicon on earth, to making oxygen, to showering rain, to making somebody king, to making ashes of some empire or emperor all from micro to macro happening under the certain laws. They never ever changes. They always produces the same results in any space in the universe.

Now if powerful subtlest and grossest law along with earth and sun can make the life, maintain the life and break the life on any planet then why God will interfere in such issues. Where things can happen automatically without his intervention.

Whatever type of man or woman you are on earth, you are because of the results of some total of results of the karma which you have done till previous moment in your life (i.e. past life). What you will become depends what you choose to act. Whatever you sow, you will reap. Whatever you choose to do, you will get. Your choice is influenced by your own intellect & interests. Which you developed over the period of time, based on your observation, experience and output of the work done by you or other around you. I fail to understand why God need to be their to create, maintain & destroy each and every insect, animal or other lives or things like mountains, rivers, stones, trees when just by his law complete solar system, water, air, space and fire has manifested one from others, so the other things can also happen without His interference.

God is the witness of complete universe and existence, creator of law and the original matter and rest things follows the cycle of manifestation one from others under the rules laid by God. Similar to sun, he is the witness of rise of earth, creation of water, air and environment on earth. Creation of various type of small to big life on earth, he is witness for the seasons, flood and man’s activities on the earth. He is witness of the beauty of the earth and destruction of the earth by its own so called civilized society but he never ever intervene in any of the process of earth. By his nature sun is simply present as witness. Thus God is witness of all the universe.

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