IT Project Management Best Practices


IT Project Management Best-Practices

Project Management Best Practices for IT Project Managers

  1. Involve testing team since day one of requirement gathering.
  2. Never proceed on plan until it is reviewed and approved by related stakeholders
  3. System to categories off-specification, change requests, defects
  4. Change request must be handled very carefully, impact analysis, change in plan and approval from stakeholders
  5. Work authentication system must be in place before we start execution on project
  6. Identify metrics first so that we can measure our improvement
  7. Establish roles and responsibilities very clearly without any grey line
  8. Establish reporting line very clearly
  9. Wherever possible involve team in estimation
  10. Never stop estimation. At every stage and phase in project estimate the remaining work. So, post define and post design estimation is must
  11. Sizing of project is must. (To know the productivity, size variance, scope change, cost increase etc)
  12. Before your team start coding or even design understand the requirement through multiple means
  13. SRS must be reviewed and approved by client
  14. HLD must be reviewed by technical peer thoroughly and approved
  15. Always keep backup of resources on your project and use those resources for review of code/documentation purpose
  16. For windows/web based application where look and feel is very important keep at least one dedicated UI designer collocated with development team. Development team should be responsible for making UI approved
  17. Switch your management styles from one phase to next phase. You can be more democratic when starting the project, but more autocratic when project in execution or toward the finish.
  18. Striking a balance between authority and accountability is critical so take care of project reporting and escalation
  19. Recognize people to keep them motivated
  20. Do not promote heroism but a team spirit.
  21. As much as possible take consensus, opinion and move ahead with unanimous decision
  22. If conflict on some decision due to organizational Process assets and your personal experience always trust OPA (organizational process assets), you will be in better position later on.
  23. In projects meetings/ group discussion never be partial or favor an individual, favor an Idea
  24. Never be afraid from giving bad news on time than giving it late
  25. Risk management is proactive work. Regularly schedule meetings with stakeholders and project team to discover new risks
  26. Review and update risk register on regular basis
  27. Stick to project scope; never ever go for gold plating. First protect the scope and deliver as per the scope.
  28. While protecting scope keep business value of the work you are doing in mind.
  29. Follow your plan and if you are not comfortable then change your plan first take approval of stakeholders and then follow it
  30. Always know your threshold limits for each project objective
  31. If possible build prototype first
  32. Be very cautious about efforts, schedule in UAT and Support
  33. Build a team area for every project where artifacts about the project such as mission/purpose, measurable business results, project plan, daily plan etc… are posted.
  34. Conduct daily team meetings with the entire team and make each individual on the team accountable for tasks he/she owns, monitor the project on daily basis and resolve day to day issues with entire team.
  35. Allow team members to make their own plan for the week based on the project plan, MPP dependency and constraints must be respected in this case.
  36. Create an atmosphere in the team area that fosters open communication.
  37. Make sure team has fun working on the project. Be creative in setting up an environment where the team is not stressed due to pressures.
  38. Verify the plan daily and attempt to foresee imminent slippages early on. Attribute the slippage to issues/risks that require escalation. If in doubt whether a certain item is a valid risk/issue always raise it and make it visible to the stakeholders internal to the company. Document resolutions arrived upon.



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