PMI Recommended Books for PMI-ACP Exam

PMI Recommended Books for PMI-ACP Exam

1. AgileRetrospectives: MakingGoodTeamsGreat, Author: Esther Derby, Diana Larsen,Ken Schwaber, ISBN #0977616649
2. Agile Software Development:TheCooperativeGame – 2nd Edition, Author: AlistairCockburn, ISBN #0321482751
3. The Software Project Manager’s BridgetoAgility, Author: Michele Sliger, Stacia Broderick, ISBN #0321502752
4. CoachingAgileTeams, Author: LyssaAdkins, ISBN #0321637704
5. Agile Project Management:Creating Innovative Products – 2nd Edition, Author: Jim Highsmith, ISBN #0321658396
6. BecomingAgile: …inan imperfectworld, Author: Greg Smith,Ahmed Sidky, ISBN #1933988258
7. Agile Estimatingand Planning, Author: MikeCohn, ISBN #0131479415
8. TheArtofAgile Development, Author: James Shore, ISBN #0596527675
9. User StoriesApplied:ForAgile Software Development, Author: MikeCohn, ISBN #0321205685
10. Agile Project Managementwith Scrum, Author: Ken Schwaber, ISBN #073561993X
11. Lean-Agile Software Development:Achieving EnterpriseAgility, Author: Alan Shalloway,Guy Beaver,James R.Trott,ISBN #0321532899

Other Good Agile books
1. Agile modeling
2. Managing Agile projects
3. Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating products that customer love- Roman Pichler
4. Lean Agile sofware development: Achieving Enterprise Agility – Alan Shaloway
5. Lean agile software developemnt- Alan Shalloway

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