Peace of Hindu Trinity

Hindu Trinity

Hindu Trinity

Peace of Hindu Trinity

As per Hindu philosophy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are responsible for creation, preservation, and destruction respectably of the whole universe. Brahma the creator enjoys creating everything, moving or non-moving. He assigns purpose and age for each creation. He loves all his creation without differentiating among them. Good and bad are the name assigned by intellectuals created by him, for him there is no absolute good or bad everything has a relative purpose in his creation. The good and bad adjective is assigned by intellectuals based on the usefulness of things around any individual. For Brahma every object of his creation is good. Brahma is peaceful happy and loves to all without any difference. Brahma is happy only when He is continuously creating.

Vishnu is a custodian, preserver, maintainer of all the creation of Brahma. He loves all those who helps him in doing His work of preservence, sustenance, and maintenance. So Vishnu is biased and loves certain things created by Brahma and not love others. All those who helps in maintaining harmony, respect, order, co-existence are favoured by Vishnu. Vishnu empowers Devas and human who makes his job easy. Peace of Vishnu is conditional. He is happy with something and not happy with others. Vishnu is happy when the universe is in action and things are in harmony there.

Mahesh or Shiva is lord of destruction. He destructs at the time defined (as per the age of object) by Brahma to any object or when He feels that time of the dissolution of the universe has come. Shiva is indifferent to the creation of Brahma. He loves none, hates none. He is not attached to any. He is beyond Maya. Shiva is indifferent to actions, so he is happy even when there is no action happening in or around him. Shiva is peaceful unconditionally.

Sometimes it looks these are three different powers of three different people. But look inside you and around you. The peace inside you varies from time to time! Hindu trinity concept is not a concept of three powerful people but a concept of the unity of three powers in one reality called Tridev.

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