My net understanding about GOD

My net understanding about GOD

After reading many books for many years, thinking, careful reasoning and contemplations; today with a small mind which is resting with this small ego I reached to the following conclusions about the God

  • Whatever we know is not the God, but whatever is not known to us is also the God. Who is trying to know is also the God. Through whom we are trying to know (Guru, expert) is also the God.
  • Whoever is existing absolutely, knower of everything absolutely, powerful absolutely is the God.
  • I strictly follow to Vendanta’s Advait principle. There is no one else in this universe except the God. He is not only energy, not only mass, not only dark matter. He is all that what we know and beyond that. And creator of that what we think that he is, i.e. father of Mass (Prakrati), Energy, Consciousness, dark matter and any other unknown thing to us.
  • He cannot be grasped by sense organs, but can be realized with single minded thinking about Him.
  • He is full of forms and formlessness, both. He is subtlest the principles and everything even the finest of the matter and energy principle is pervaded by him. Due to this reason only he largest no one is equal to him. He is finest that is why is undivided, omnipresent. He has pervaded energy of entire universe that is why he is omnipotent also.
  • Prakrati cannot be eternal. It is manifestation of Brahman itself. So Brahman is Brahman + Prakrati. Brahman manifests and Prakrati evolves. Brahman play role of efficient cause in evolution of nature. Nothing is inert in the universe, although based on our sensory and scientific knowledge we categories things as inert or senseful. Invisible nature, which is inert, is made from Brahman. Visible nature in the form of solid, liquid, gas or light, stone, metals, river, water, air, space, fire has come into existence and visible to us because of the power of Brahman to these objects and to us (as seer)
  • Soul is not part of God, soul is not created from God, soul is not an attribute of God, and souls are not many. Soul is God. Soul looks like many but is not many. It is looking many because of influence of Maya & ignorance. Once knowledge absolute transcend one, one cannot see many souls, one cannot see anything in the entire universe other than God. Maya is there and it will remain there, it cannot be eliminated for everybody using mass teachings or mass efforts. It has to be removed by individual efforts, it is conscious effort, it can be removed only by individual’s efforts, knowledge & experience.
  • Knowledge absolute is seeing, knowing, experiencing the unity. It is about experiencing oneness in the diversity of the whole creation.
  • Prakrati came out from Brahman (condensation of energy is inert mass. This mass is the invisible Prakrati. It contains all kind of radiation. Radiation gets condensed and go through the stage of invisible radiation, light, audible radiation, gas, liquid, solid)
  • Prakrati inherited consciousness from Brahman
  • While evolution of Prakrati this visible universe was formed
  • Evolution happened because of power of consciousness inside the Prakrati. This power came to Prakrati from Brahman
  • All whom we consider inert are not inert they have lessor degree of consciousness
  • Soul is pure undivided Brahman, untainted by Prakrati.
  • Every object in the universe has some degree of this pure Brahman in it.
  • Death is change of form or dissolution of the physical form into some other form, like death of pot and plant.
  • Human is the only creation of Nature which has highest degree of undivided Brahman element in him/her. Due to this factor human is most intelligent
  • Due to more intelligence human is more knowledgeable
  • Due to more knowledge s/he has power of creation like nature. But this power is not to the full extent because of its limited access to invisible matter etc
  • Human can do various types of work which nature can do by using elements of nature and property of those elements.
  • Human even can create nature (matter) from using finer aspect of matter called energy
  • Human can create energy by transforming matter
  • But he cannot create Brahman. The principle which evolved into nature. Nature is not only mass but energy aspect also. At the time of dissolution complete nature (mass and energy) must become one that one principle which is beyond matter and energy. Brahman is uncreated, eternal principle due to this reason sum of matter and energy remains same and Einstein proved that this sum is constant.
  • Para Vidya is related to sciences and technologies which are dealing with force, energy, mass (sum of all is called Prakrati)
  • Apara Vidya is related to science which is related to understanding the Brahman Principle. The pure consciousness principle which is beyond energy, forces, vibration. Even the artificial consciousness created in laboratory is part of Para-Vidya, because it is about extracting conscious principle from the matter and not about creating consciousness from nothing
  • From scientific angle you may ask did god created this universe from nothing? If not then why society is expecting scientist to do this? Answer is God did not created this universe. God is this universe. Whatever we can do, think, achieve is under His domain. Even challenging Him, His Prakrati, creating any energy from matter, matter from energy, consciousness from nature is happening under his domain.
  • Understanding of ethics is not about understanding the God. But yes it lead to understanding the Truth principle. Therefore do not confuse ethics with your religious practices belief and faith.
  • I feel that once you understand the Truth Absolute all the religions, belief, principles of science, cultures, ethics etc will fall on ground and You will stand tall. But who can dare it?

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