My Interests

Read like you will never die and work like today is last day. (Unknown)

Learning in every moment gives me the purpose to wake early morning and it keeps me motivated all the time. It makes me fearless as though nothing mine will get lost in life and which is not mine need not worry; that will come and go. Tireless and boredom is for those who live always at sensory level. If you live at the level of intellect and soul you will not feel exhausted or alone in life.

My Subjects of Interests are of varied range.
Microsoft Enterprise Project Servers, App Development, Sharepoint, J2E, Microsoft, Oracle, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, GIS, Spatial Intelligence

Architecture & design
Design Patterns,  various type of architecture differences & similarties

Process frameworks, methodologies
Project Management, Agile, Lean, CMMI, Six Sigma, ISO 20000, ISO9001, ITIL, ISO27001, OPM3, Program Management, Portfolio Management, FPA (IFPUG), Use Case, Costing Methodologies, Scheduling Techniques, Resource Optimization

Leadership forums
Motivation, Conflicts Management, Building Innovative Org Structure where creativity can flourish with mutual respect

Business trends
In Banking, Finance, Securities, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain, Consumer Behavior, Life Style

Philosophical, Religion, Mythology & History
Concept of God, Origin of religion, history & geography, Origin of life, Origin of earth, Truth Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, Law of Karma, Miseries of Life, Luck/Fate, Soul, Eternity of life, After death experience, childhood genius, foundation of ethics, law of attraction, law of nature, simply defined natural laws, evolution of life, working of mind, consciousness, Comparative study of religions, History, civilizations & culture, geography, food & festivals of people

Politics & Better Government Systems
Education systems, Judiciary systems, Administrative system, Defence System, Health Care(Hospitals, Ayurveda, Yog etc)

Environment & Green
Carbon Rating, Emission, Recycling, Bio waste & foot print, alternative fuel & energy sources, Water, Efficiency & Quality of Agriculture production

Interpersonal Skills
Fast Reading Techniques, Better method of communicating effectively, Art of Rapport Building, Art & science of creating a huge positive impact on the surrounding, leadership, writing, painting, photography

Interested in
Innovative Business ideas, Positive Growth of Human especially Indian Education, Politics and Infrastructure, Maturity of Project Management Practices in India

Human Languages

I have deep interest in evolution of human languages, corresponding scripts and calligraphy. So can read and write following scripts at various degree of fluency.

English, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bengla, Punjabi, Gujrati, Urdu, Samskrut

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