Life is Project


A Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. The temporary nature of projects indicates a definite beginning and a definite end. The end is reached when the project’s object have been achieved or when the project is terminated because its objective will not or cannot be met, or when the need for the project no longer exists. Temporary does not generally apply to the product, service, or result created by the project; most projects are undertaken to create a lasting outcome.
(Section 1.2, PMBOK 4th Edition)

We have come on earth and will remain here for a limited time. We have some work in our hands given to us either by God or by parents or by teachers or we are aspired to do something in valuable in life. Whatever we think there is some work and there is some sponsor of all this work. Sponsor has given us most important resources time of life and beautiful nature around with water, air, plants, sun, earth, parents, teachers and society where we take birth. So, overall goal and objective of life is there with everybody whether we want to put efforts to understand this or not, whether we want to understand it today or at the age of 60, it is all up to us. Each life is unique and it has to create something unique on this earth. The unique which we want to create is created with a desire to last longest. Each life (project) will end either when objective is met or sponsor feel that project’s need no longer exist or project’s objective cannot be met.

I feel that earlier we understand the objective of life easier it is to meet the goal. Otherwise most of the time and money of the project we may spend in enjoying and doing nothing and towards the end of project (life) we have to cry that we do not have time, health and resources to complete the project successfully. Many times extra responsibilities comes on the shoulders of project manager towards the end of project life cycle. If project manager has been utilizing time and project resources properly then s/he will be able handle this extra work carefully otherwise keep grumbling that it is extra work, I need more time, more resources, it is not fair on behalf of sponsor, they are unfair to me etc. It is change request, this work was not told earlier, no one can do this within this time etc. If project sponsor keep listening this then there are high chances he can terminate the project, if he is not satisfied with you answers.

It is not important how long the project (life) run but what did it achieved in the time when it was running, and post project what final result it achieved which can be used by the business as usual (society).

There are projects inside the project (life). These projects may be to get the good education, good marks, good job, good partner, educate children, good job or business and inside the job/business there are other type of projects. We also have operations inside the projects. Like there are some routine activities which we must do on daily basis like get fresh, regular exercise or yoga, meditation or prayer, eating food, going for work,  wash cloths etc. But all these are operational activities or project activities depends from what angle one see the life.  In order to run overall project (life) successfully we must make sure that all the sub-projects and operations are running smoothly.

Just think for a moment morning to evening, Monday to Sunday, 1-Jan to 31-Dec, 0’th Year to 60 year (or more) of our life what are we doing? Either busy in some sub-project or operation in side the master or grandest project of your life.

Keep in mind. Goal and objective of the project is always defined before project started not during the planning or execution. What we do in planning is milestone setting for execution, monitoring and controlling. So, do we know what is the purpose of our life? Who defined that and when? When did I come to know about this?




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