The Purpose of life is to go toward the freedom and drop all the fears of life. - Upanishdas
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How to keep life Happy & Happening

How to keep life Happy & Happening

  • Do not do something valuable when you feel bore, sleepy, tired doing the things
  • Meditation daily for sometime whichever time you feel is good for you. That time you should be energetic, clean in body, has no critical phone call or work pending which takes your mind and you are not tired. In meditation watch your breaths or thoughts or perceive (see/listen/smell etc) the things internally. I feel these are good techniques.
  • Keep body fit, no feeling of illness, sickness, tiredness. Do whatever need to done for this, but ask your heart first.
  • Eat less or more or not at all. Keep in mind that body is slave and due to eating or non-eating it should not disturb you.
  • Take break after some reasonable amount of time, depending upon the type of activity which you are doing, your passion for the work, urgency of work, mental state. Thumb rule is do not remain in activity for longer period of time if it is making your mind dull and body tired.
  • Everyday document at some place what did you learn today. What did you do today. What was exciting experience today. What was boring experience today.
  • Everyday do directly something towards your biggest goal of your life. It may be as simple as sitting and thinking at any corner for 10 minute and visualizing your future.
  • Live every moment to learn something new. Which was not known to you experienced before by you.
  • Experience is the life. Knowledge is mean to experience. Thus use knowledge to experience and live a new life every moment.
  • Have conviction that I am soul. Everything this soul possesses is God’s property and no evil can touch it, damage it. Whatever will happen that will happen as per God’s plan. If something happens unexpectedly it only means that I was not tuned to the God and could not understand his plan when he was revealing me through various sources.
  • Have conviction that Knowledge will never go waste, even if this body is cease to exist.
  • Have faith that there is not only one life. Many masters one soul. No hurry, we come in bodily existence to experience something, in that process we do some karma and create more result.
  • Understand that no result is good or bad like no plant or tree is good or bad. Chilly seed will bring chilly plant, mango seed will bring mango tree. Action A will bring corresponding result and action B will bring another set of result. No result is bad. Because of our mind and intellectual analysis we develops like and dislike for things and we feel good or bad when result comes before us. Thus think twice before you do some karma or plant some seed in earth. After that result is taken care automatically
  • Learn to discriminate between mean and the goal. Goal is important but mean is less important as long as goal is achieved by correct means. Whatever you experience is goal (happiness, joy, sadness, boredom). What you use to experience is mean (money, people, power, hard work, honest work, lazy work)
  • Support those people, by any mean, who are doing good work for themselves or family or society without any bad intension.
  • Search for like minded people. Remain in their contact by any mean.
  • Always strive for higher truth and in that process if you have to scarify lower things or interests just do that without second thought.
  • Understand that world is collection of things and events. As a tease without any meaning
  • Understand that mind is collection of perceptions of things and events in the surrounding. New perceptions are created by everybody unknowingly and existing knowledge, experience is used to create this. Good and bad is the perception of mind about the environment, things & events.
  • Understand whoever or whatever conscious or matter objects comes around us are coming as per divine plan.
  • Live consciously, you can change the divine plan for experience of so called good. But you need to consciously work on this and exhaust your earlier results slowly and consistently
  • Don’t get jealous about the successful people around you. You may feel that they have earned so much name, money in so much short duration of life and you are continuously struggling and turned old. But you must understand that life is not only one, these people are reaping the result of work done before in this life or life before. Having wealthy & resourceful parents, friends, minister is just a mean to experience that joy in shorter period of time.
  • Don’t remain indifferent to those people who are poor or underprivileged. Because of their Karma they are reaping their fruits. But by your helping hand and compassionate heart their life can become little easy. It will give peace to you also.
  • Don’t be hyper. Remain near to your heart, listen to your heart. Know your passion. Discriminate that using higher knowledge. If the passion is good follow it. If not correct it or scarify it for higher.
  • Trust that somebody is more intelligent, smarter than me. And I do not know who is that. That is why He that unknown power called with different names. Thinking that I are more smarter, powerful, intelligent, resourceful and that is why I deserve and getting more is my ignorance about experience, knowledge creation, life, cosmos etc. Therefore I shouldn’t fool myself with these kind of statements and make myself unhappy.
  • Do not get confused between “the knowledge” and “the labels” about the objects which you have in mind. Label leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to experience. Most People get trapped in label and do not know and experience the things around.

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