The Purpose of life is to go toward the freedom and drop all the fears of life. - Upanishdas
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Hello Seekers!

Dear Seeker,

I salute to your courage that despite of your daily challenges in your job, business, family, social and religious life you are in search of the Truth Absolute which is behind the existence of the universe. Many great people, messenger, gurus in past have said that knowing yourself truly is knowing universe truly and this is the absolute knowledge. There is no knowledge beyond it.

In search of that Truth you landed on this page. Your journey of search & realization of Truth will continue and I am just a stepping stone for you to connect to the next level or you can say that I am an insignificant medium to help you in your search.

I am maintaining this site on behalf of my Gurus to disseminate their knowledge. I myself is nothing and has no power to guide you about the Absolute Truth. It is their blessings which forced me to write and share these thoughts with you. If you find something useful say thanks to my Gurus, if you find something confusing, irrelevant then please pray for me so that I get better intellect to think and apply the Truth absolute.

Whatever is good here belongs to my Gurus and whatever is junk belongs to my small ego, polluted and restless mind.

I pray for your success in unfolding the secret of the Absolute Existence and Absolute Truth and these will bring the real abode of Absolute Bliss.

Om Shanti.

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