Happy New Year 2014

Dharma is not about justice nor it is about religion. It is about empathy, compassion, co-existence. When you fight for Dharma you do not win or lose but everyone wins. Love and higher understanding prevails. In a Dharmic society people are sensitive for each other. Their focus is not to win others but to conquer themselves and evolve. In Dharmic society man evolves and he has high chances to become Mahaatma, sage, Devta or God.

I personally feel that in last couple of years and in year 2013 we in India forced ourselves to think that how sensitive we are to each others. Whatever is the pole politicians vs common man, female security vs man’s arrogance, powerful nations vs poor countries, religion vs religion etc we started thinking more about other pole. Because of lessor critical mass we may not see much visible actions but we started realizing that we must learn to live in co-existence.
I pray that our societies, political leaders, friends and foes become more Dharmic or sensitive for all living being in this year and in coming years. May we not focus on materialistic growth quarter by quarter but internal peace and happiness second by second. May production and consumption of materialistic product, services and result become less important for us than production of more peace and happiness in ourself and around ourself.May we understand that all beings, animal, plants, human of different religion and countries all have equal right on the resources of this mother earth. May those rights not set by currency exchange rates, weapons they posses, gold they possess but by the love which they can share with all.

Happy New Year 2014

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