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Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan

Template Project Management Plan Detail

PMBOK Process Summary Table

Project Management Plan may not be a physically single document but a collection of many documents. This consolidation is done in Develop Project Management Plan process. Project Management Plan should include following items.

  • All the subsidiary plans from other 9 Knowledge Areas (Requirements management plan, Process improvement plan, Change management plan, Configuration management plan etc)
  • All Baselines (Scope baseline, Schedule baseline, Cost baseline)
  • Tailored Process with detail (Project management processes applicable to the project)
  • Project Life cycle and project phases
  • How integrity of project baselines will be maintained
  • Project Areas where Reviews/ Audits need to be done and their frequency

Project Management Plan is input to following processes. By seeing this list you come to know how important is this document to do the project work. Work the plan is simple philosophy.

  1. Direct and Manage Project Work
  2. Monitor and Control Project Work
  3. Perform Integrated Change Control
  4. Close Project or Phase
  5. Plan Scope Management
  6. Validate Scope
  7. Control Scope
  8. Plan Schedule Management
  9. Control Schedule
  10. Plan Cost Management
  11. Control Cost
  12. Plan Quality Management
  13. Control Quality
  14. Plan Human Resource Management
  15. Plan Communications Management
  16. Control Communications
  17. Plan Risk Management
  18. Control Risks
  19. Plan Procurement Management
  20. Control Procurements
  21. Plan Stakeholder Management
  22. Control Stakeholder Engagement

Project Management Plan is output or get updated in following processes. By seeing this list you come to know that this is not one time document which is referred many time but a live document which keep changing based on the need. Re-plan your project if you can deliver following the earlier plan.

  1. Develop Project Management Plan
  2. Direct and Manage Project Work
  3. Monitor and Control Project Work
  4. Perform Integrated Change Control
  5. Control Scope
  6. Develop Schedule
  7. Control Schedule
  8. Control Cost
  9. Perform Quality Assurance
  10. Control Quality
  11. Acquire Project Team
  12. Manage Project Team
  13. Manage Communications
  14. Control Communications
  15. Plan Risk Response
  16. Control Risks
  17. Conduct Procurements
  18. Control Procurements
  19. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  20. Control Stakeholder Engagement

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