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Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management

The objective of Project Integration management knowledge area in PMBOK is to integrate all processes, activities, and output across all project life cycle and across other knowledge areas. With the processes of this knowledge area, you start a project and close project. This knowledge area helps you doing following.

  • Decide the rigor of the processes throughout the project lifecycle, in general in any project.
  • Prepare a list of processes which will be tailored and justification of tailoring.
  • Project management methodology
  • Lengths of the project phases from management perspective (not technical)
  • How various knowledge area processes will interact with each other, a high-level flow
  • What happens when some process shows output is not as expected? To which processes a project manager should go? It is documented here.
  • Identify various metrics required to manage a project, align these metrics with the balanced scorecard
  • From the understanding perspective, each process is different and it has well-defined input and output but in real-life so many things will happen in a parallel and cyclical way. So, how to balance between different processes. That is understood for a project in this knowledge area (KA)
  • Across project in various phases processes will get repeated but the rigor may change. So understand that try to define and implemented that with the help of this KA.

Formalities of this knowledge area become very much critical when project size is big, complex, large team size, virtual team, long term.

To harmonize all the work defined above there are 6 processes in Project Integration Management Knowledge Area

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Develop Project Management Plan
  3. Direct and Manage Project Work
  4. Monitor and Control Project Work
  5. Perform Integrated Change Control
  6. Close Project or Phase