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Project Documents


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There are many types of project documents and there are different industry specific names for those. But to avoid the confusion and standardize the naming of those document PMBOK has come of with this generic list of project documents. Content of these documents may vary from one organization to another, or one industry to another but purpose does not change.

  1. Activity Attributes
  2. Activity Cost Estimates
  3. Activity Duration Estimates
  4. Activity List
  5. Activity Resource Requirements
  6. Agreements
  7. Architecture Layouts
  8. Basis Of Estimates
  9. Change Log
  10. Change Requests
  11. Contracts
  12. Design Documents
  13. Forecasts (Cost, Schedule)
  14. Issue Log
  15. Milestone List
  16. Procurement Documents
  17. Procurement Statement Of Work
  18. Project Calendar
  19. Project Charter
  20. Project Funding Requirements
  21. Project Schedule
  22. Project Schedule Network Diagrams
  23. Project Staff Assignments
  24. Project Statement Of Work
  25. Qualified Seller List
  26. Quality Checklists
  27. Quality Control Measurements
  28. Quality Metrics
  29. Requirements Documentation
  30. Requirements Traceability Matrix
  31. Resource Breakdown Structure
  32. Resource Calendars
  33. Risk Register
  34. Risk Related Contract Decisions
  35. Schedule Data
  36. Seller Proposals
  37. Source Selection Criteria
  38. Specification Documents
  39. Stakeholder Management Strategy
  40. Team Performance Assessments
  41. Teaming Agreements
  42. Test Cases
  43. Wireframes
  44. Work Performance Data
  45. Work Performance Information
  46. Work Performance Reports

PMBOK Process Summary Table

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