Sanskrit Terms


Fala (फल) is Sanskrit term. Nearest meaning of this word in English is fruit. But it can also be associated with output, result. Karma Fala, Rashi Fala, Mango Fala are various usages of this word.


Karma is the Sanskrit terms. Nearest word of this in English is work or action. But in Sanskrit tradition karma may be mental, verbal or physical level using your hands and feet. In Indian culture when we think about karma at the same time we also think about karma fala.


Maya (माया) is the Sanskrit term. Nearest meaning of this in English is illusion. But traditional Acharya and gurus gurus explain it as “which does not have its own existence but its independent existence from the sensual perception point of view cannot be denied”. Like shadow of a person, image of a person, seeking snake on a rope in the darkness. Highest maya is the maya of God. Indian Vedic scriptures says that this world is maya of the God.


Sloka (श्लोक) is the sanskrit word. Nearest word of this in english is couplet. Mostly slokas are text from scriptures not normal poetry. When we speak some sloka then a sense of purity is felt at the heart.


Yagya is a Sanskrit term. Nearest meaning of this in English is fire sacrifice. But in tradition Yagya has a very broad meaning. In Bhagwat Geeta itself yagya has been discussed in detail. Apart from this all the Vedas are full of yagya karma. In tradition even breathing, feeding to someone, eating, hard-work is considered yagya.