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Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Resources


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Estimating the type and number of resources required to perform the identified activities. You may be thinking why sequence activities process is earlier to this process. From our experience we know that activity’s sequence impact type and number of resources required. If two activities A & B, which are of similar type and can be completed by one resource, has must be done in parallel then you need two resources otherwise taking only one resources on the project could have helped us completing the work on time. This is the impact of determining sequence on resource estimation.
When you are estimating resources then do not look into your resource pool that how many people you have. But look into the nature of activity and determine how much minimum you need. You should not focus on time or resource optimization. Do not look into how many resources are required to complete the work in 2 days. Just estimate for this kind of activity what type of resources and how many are required to complete the activity.
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Estimate Activity Resources: Process Table

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