Estimate Activity Durations

Estimate Activity Durations


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Estimating the time required (in hours, days or weeks). It is suggested that you estimate duration in productive hours. If you are estimating in days or weeks then you should not include non-productive hours, weekly offs, availability of more people to complete the work earlier. For example, to fix a door in the building with the estimated resources (man, material, equipments) you estimated duration as 4 hours. Now for example if 4 people are required to complete the work then human efforts is 16 hours. It is not 2 days! Nor 1 hours with 16 people! Nor 6 days because work starts on 1-Jan-16 and first day only 2 hours’ work happens then 4 days off because of any reason (person will not be available, company off, lead time to complete the work etc) and remaining 2 hours’ work will be done on 6-Jan-16. So this estimation is neither effort, nor schedule, nor time/resource optimization. This is just about how much duration is required to complete the work with the estimated resources.
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