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Enterprise Environmental Factors

Enterprise Environmental Factors


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Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) are constraints imposed by the project’s environment on the project. Project environment may be related to vendors, customers any other partners or project management company. Constraints imposed restricts the options to be exercised by the project team to make decisions or do the project work in a specific way. It may negatively or positively influence a project. A project manager must thoroughly constraints all the consider and plan accordingly because in project management “ignorance is not bliss”. Ignoring or not being aware of some constraint can lead to big loss to project. Some example of Enterprise Environmental Factors are as below.

  • Political climate
  • Marketplace conditions
  • Stakeholder risk tolerances
  • Company work authorization systems
  • Organization culture, Structure and governance
  • Geographic distribution of facilities and resources;
  • Infrastructure (existing capital equipment, facilities)
  • Organization’s established communications channels
  • Commercials database (industry risk study information, risk database, standardized cost estimating data)
  • Existing human resource (skills, disciplines, knowledge of design, development, legal, contracting, purchasing)
  • Personnel Administration (staffing and retention guidelines, employee performance reviews, reward and overtime policy and time tracking)
  • Government or industry standards (regulatory agency regulations, code of conduct, product standards, quality standards, workmanship standards)
  • PMIS (automated tools, scheduling software, configuration management systems, information collection and distribution system, web interfaces to other online automated systems)

Facts about EEF

For acronym please refer this table.


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