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Direct and Manage Project Work

Direct and Manage Project Work

The process of leading and performing the Work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved change requests to achieve the project’s objectives.

Following activities need to be performed under this process.

  • Perform activities planned to accomplish project’s objective
  • Create project deliverables
  • Staff, train and manage the team members
  • Acquire resources (people, tool, equipments, material) and manage their usage
  • Implement planned methods and standards
  • Establish and manage communication channels
  • Record project data related to project’s scope, cost, quality, schedule etc
  • Initiate change requests
  • Implement approved change requests
  • Manage risks and implement risk responses
  • Manage sellers and suppliers
  • Collect and document lessons learned, implement approved process improvements

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Direct and Manage Project Work : Process Table

PMBOK Process Summary Table

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