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Create WBS

Create WBS


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A WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is extremely important document of any project. This document helps customer, management and project manager in knowing the overall progress of the project. It is not possible to report the project progress like how much work has been done, how much money or time spent for what work, which component or part of the project has more quality issues etc, if WBS is missing. Create WBS process defines the WBS of the project, prepares a WBS dictionary which has unambiguous definition of each WBS elements. This is process where you should baseline your project scope. A WBS is hierarchical representation of the deliverables. There are many ways to structure a WBS. If you keep milestones at level one of the WBS hierarchy then it is called milestone driven WBS, similarly component driven WBS, phase driven WBS can be created. What WBS is best suited for your project it all depends upon your tracking and reporting needs and project organization structures.
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