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Fundamental problems of duality

Fundamental problems of duality

Do you ever say there are only two colours black and white. No! because you know that there billions and they are made from the three primary colours. In a rainbow spectrum in sky can you mark that blue starts exactly from this place and red from that? No! because a term “shades of colour” also plays a critical role. There are billions of type of blue or green or red.
Similar principle applies to other natural things like temperature. It is not correct to say that 25 degree centigrade and above is hot and below than that is cold. Then how about wetness, light, taste, smell, sound, weight, distances etc. There is spectrum in everything. You cannot say that this is heavy and this light weighted. You cannot say that it is absolute dark and it is absolute light and nothing between.
But then why people say that it is dark, bright, light, heavy, this is blue and not that one, I am right and you are not, I am good and they are bad, I am emotional and you are logical, it is sweet and that is bitter etc? The reason for that is relativity! Mind plays a critical role in comparison. Mind does not allow a person to see the things the way they are. He always do the comparison and give judgement. In this comparison process left mind plays critical role; because he is logical and always gives binary answer. In Upnishads it is said that world is Maya. The reason for that is; we see the world through mind and fail to see the reality but see what we want to see through comparison and judgement. In Upnishads it is said that world is world, life is life, and for that purpose anything within and without us are as they are. It is the mind (left) which gives judgement. Ego creates one’s identify. A person identify himself different from the world and say I am unique. This happens because of the ego. Because of ego we prefer something and hate other. No matter who he is; ego always says I am right, I am truth, I am loveable it never goes to deep realisation that one day he will not be there, he thinks that I am ever existing. In fact all is the characteristic of Real Ego. I am Sat-Chit-Anand. I am eternal, truth, bliss. But the false ego, because of association with mind (left) we creates lots of problem for ourself and for people around us, for society and nation.
But the problem with dualist is that they think that there are only two path in this world, the left and the right, the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the truth and the false etc. Interestingly no ego (false) want to be identified with wrong, false, left, hate, adharma etc. Every ego want to be identified with truthfulness, righteousness, correctness, love and dharma. Even most wicked person’s ego!
In truth there is no duality, there is spectrum. Nobody is bad, nobody is false, nobody is adharmic. In truth there is lessor good, there is lessor truth, there is lessor light, they are less logical, they are less loveable, lessor light, lessor weight, lessor dharma. Evolution is about move from darkness(very less light) to brightness (Tamso-ma-jyotir-gamaya), move from falsehood (very less truth) to absolute truth (Asto-ma-sad-gamya), move from death (lessor life) to eternal life (Mrtur-ma-amrtam-gamya).
So instead of saying that there is complete chaos if we say that there is very less order and let us move to more order first,  instead of saying the you do not know any truth if we say that complete truth is not know to us lets move and know the more truth without being bias (using left mind) etc; we can takes even wicked person with us. And give him chance to know the more truth and help ourself also. We are not on earth to fight (especially with mighty 🙂 ), but seek the salvation or libration through work. And it is not easy to work with Tamsic, Adharmic, Wicked people (left mind given names) with dualistic mindset.

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