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Education, Experience and Evolution

Education, Experience and Evolution

Many times you must have noted that we make same mistake again either in different environment or with different people or at different location. Sometime you want that you have made this mistake therefore others should not repeat it and you try to educate them so emphasize the lessons but others also repeat the same thing! Why? Many times you will feel that if you would have applied little common sense it could have been avoided but then same pain again!

Using our knowledge gained from our previous experience or other’s previous experience we want to repeat those action which brings pleasure and mitigate, remove, avoid those actions which brings pain. But then no matter how hard we try pleasure does not goes up and pain does not goes down. It looks that experience of past and learning from those does not makes any difference at all because life is not about learning at all. It is about experiencing. It is attachment to pleasure and aversion to pain which want to repeat something and avoid something and we think that previous experience, which has become our knowledge, should be used. But it does not work in that simple way.

Education is not about learning at all forget about burdening ourselves with lots of facts. That definitely is not education. Education is about developing new value system and refining our life principles. It is these values and principles which guides our actions and it is these values and principles which helps our mind experiencing pain and pleasure over the events happening around us.

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