Does Knowing God Helps you

Does Knowing God Helps you

From my personal experience I have seen people struggling in their life and comparing their struggle with people around them. They always find that people around them did less struggle in order to get what they want to get in life. This thought forces them to search the answer of this question that “why I am struggling more compare to others.” This “Why” is a big “WHY” which turns him unknowingly towards a subject called religion.

In this journey a person learns and unfolds many puzzling terminology like law of karma, good vs bad, know the actual truth behind the event and objects, from where we come?, why we come here?, why born in this particular family? Why these people, who are surrounding me are troubling me? Why the environment is negative around me and people not helping me to do what I want to do? How long is my life? What will happen next? What will happen after my death to my money, to me, to my body, to my dependent etc? These kinds of questions disturb any person. S/He wants to know the answer of these kinds of puzzles. He takes time out from his daily busy schedule and try to read history of other people and it helps him/her a little, then he study sciences and associated laws of universe and it helps him/her further, but still after this some people are not satisfied and they move towards philosophy. Here people start understanding something which they couldn’t understand using normal methods & subjects. In parallel to all search his rituals, prayers to god etc goes on. S/he evolves continuously and these rituals and dogmas start falling slowing.

Now after understanding the God and falling all rituals a person all of sudden becomes alone. Interestingly s/he started this journey of knowing the truth so that s/he can hold responsible somebody else for his/her problems but after knowing the Truth s/he understands that s/he him/herself is the problem. Here her/his problem increases multi-fold. Because time between knowing God and understanding God is huge. The reason for this is one need to spend more time to practice the facts & knowledge which one has acquired. Problem here is people do not have time to bring this knowledge into practice. The main reason for this is that they are not able to establish a link reliable between what they are doing and what they need to practice. They believe these two are very different and it is not possible in this life.

After this s/he speaks high about god, holy people, and ascetics. He can give many lecture on the truth absolute, help other people in understanding the truth, can run his business on this subject but he still remains in problem because he is far behind the practice.

I believe that if you are true seeker and clean in your heart then knowing the Truth will not take much time to you. But realizing and experiencing that truth can take your entire life. I believe that after knowing the truth either you should give enough time from your daily life to practice the truth or should bring practice of Truth in your routine work otherwise mere knowledge will make your life more miserable. It was better when you were worshiping Jesus & hanging cross on your neck or worshiping Shiva and hanging Om on your neck.

For example I know the truth that everything whatever is visible to us has come from earth. Then all material is evolution of earth elements. After knowing this truth can I experience the sameness in iron, mud, gold, water, poison, glass, copper etc? After knowing the truth that all living being have same consciousness and current of life can I behave with president & poor, known & unknown people, friend & foe, my own people and other’s people, snake, my dog, my kid etc with sameness? You will say this is very difficult. I believe that this is the misery of life that there is huge difference between knowing and experiencing.

God is ultimate subject of knowledge. Mediate upon Him as “He is you” i.e. as subject, not as any other objects

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