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Change Request Handling with PMBOK

Change Request Handling with PMBOK

Change request management is extremely important process in any project. Uncertainties in a project can be managed by using concept of “Progressive Elaboration” and “Rolling Wave Planning” technique. As a project manager you must understand that how much agility is affordable and acceptable. For example in a one year long project, if you decide that you will make only one month’s plan and not anything beyond than this period, then what is guarantee that this one month plan will not change during execution? Absolutely no guarantee!

PMI’s PMBOK helps us handling the change request very carefully throughout the project. As per PMBOK change request is any deviation from the plan which you need to follow in order to make a project successful. Therefore change request can be related to scope, plan, project documents, organization process assets and enterprise environmental factors. PMBOK has defined total 47 processes and out of those 16 process can issue change request at any time in project life-cycle. There is only one process which can integrate all change requests and this process is “Perform Integrated Change Control” (PICC)

PICC process estimates impacts, evaluates impacts and makes decision to reject or accept or differ change requests.

As per PMBOK v5 the 16 Processes which can raise change request are as below.

1 Direct and Manage Project Work E
2 Perform Quality Assurance E
3 Manage Project Team E
4 Conduct Procurements E
5 Manage Stakeholder Engagement E
6 Monitor & Control Project Work M
7 Validate Scope M
8 Control Scope M
9 Control Schedule M
10 Control Cost M
11 Control Quality M
12 Control Communications M
13 Control Risks M
14 Control Procurements M
15 Control Stakeholder Engagement M
16 Plan Procurements P

E- Executing Process, M-Monitoring and Controlling Process, P-Planning Process


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