Attributes of Space

Attributes of Spaces

Below I am documenting my thought process. I would appreciate if you could let me know if you have any valuable input(s).

  • In day to day life we come across several objects around us. Objects can be as gross as universe and as small as some radioactive wave. All those things are made of particles. We may perceive them using our sense or we may need some very sophisticated device to diagnose their presence.
  • Every objects has attribute. We classify objects using the attributes and with this classification we declare that this object belongs to this class and that object belongs to that class.
  • Sometimes we know the attribute and then we classify objects in the class, eg. “mileage per liter” is attribute of vehicles, “mega byte” is attribute of electronic storage media , “Watt” is attribute of lamp etc.
  • Sometimes we know the objects and then we want to know the attributes, eg. shirt has attributes like color, size, fiber type etc.
  • Here one thing is very sure that attributes belongs to the objects. Attribute does not exists in isolation for example, you cannot think some color without any object association.
  • Attributes of object has value, e.g. color can have values like red, green etc, watt can have values like 40 watt, 60 watt etc.
  • Now if somebody asks you what came first attribute or objects? You are in big dilemma! You probably have never thought about this. “Red” color of the shirt, “42” size of the shirt, “cotton” the fiber of the shirt came first or shirt existed before all these attributes? Both existed together and came in existence at the same time, not even one Pico-second before or after?
  • Now extend this concept to universe. The universe which we perceive cannot exists without matter nor without energy. Matter and energy are attribute of object called universe. So what came first?
  • Now think, whether the space which we perceive around us (the space inside or outside of the object, molecule and atom) is attribute of objects or the object itself?
  • Consciousness is object or attribute of life?
  • So what is that object which has these attributes (space, consciousness, matter, energy)?
  • In the universe every object came in existence because of some other lost its existence and identify. Table came in existence because tree lost its existence. It is a process of manifestation and in this one thing gets converted into other infinitely and this is what we refer as infinite cycle of creation and destruction.
  • Now the questions come here are (A) Is there any controller of this cycle or it is spontaneous? (B) How did the universe came in existence first time with all the attributes discussed above?
  • Some scientist believe that “Nothing” was the cause of big bang. Gravity the attribute of product of big bang came in existence spontaneously and after that everything is evolution.
  • Religions says that this “Nothing” of science is everything. That was God. He himself was space, matter, energy, time and law and he manifested himself into universe and after that everything is evolution.
  • Religions who believe in one God says that only God existed with all his raw material and he created the universe from his raw material and still nothing happens without Him, He still interferes in our day to day working and controls everything, he is responsible for giving us pleasure & pain, he created the maya and we are entangled in that maya
  • Religions who believe in two powers they say that there is God and another is Satan. God is responsible for giving us pleasure and Satan is responsible for giving pain. This universe is play of the they two powers.
  • I believe that creation of universe is infinite cycle. One of the cycle begun around 14 billion years ago and it will end after 28 billion years then next cycle will start, as said by scientists. Before the start of next creation a complete destruction of existing universe happens. Before the start of final destruction complete expansion of the universe happens.
  • I believe that Space is conscious, infinite in size, has infinite time and exists with law, it even never shrinks or expands. Infinite is the value of an attribute called space but it is not different from eternal which is attribute of time. There are not two separate things as infinite and eternal. They both represents to a same thing.
  • Space is infinite therefore there is no question of outside of space, everything is inside. Universe takes birth, exists and get dissolved in the space. Nobody creates this infinite space so there is no question of creation of the attribute of this space (consciousness, law, size, shape, time). This Omnipresent space who has attribute like omnipotent, omniscient and eternal called space by atheist, called God by theist. Till now science has complete focus on the matter, energy and its transformation & conservation, therefore they say that space expands and contracts.

Just random thought from mind. Do you want to expend this note with me?



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